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Portable backup to keep the lights on

Our long-lasting lithium-ion battery packs provide sufficient electricity to power essentials for 4 hours of loadshedding e.g. WiFi, computer(s), home security, TV, lights and fridge (depending on model).  The units are plug & play, so you simply turn them on and they’re ready to use – no electrician needed (they have built-in inverters and charge controllers).  The high quality LiFePo4 lithium-ion battery cells have over 2000 cycles, providing many years of use – 4 to 5 times more than lead-acid batteries.  The units can be recharged via mains electricity, by a DC vehicle socket, or with a solar panel (model dependent) . The smaller unit has 1440Wh of nominal stored power, and the larger one 2048Wh of nominal stored power.  Ask us which one is right for you.

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Choose a smaller unit for your home / office, or a larger, rugged unit for indoor and outdoor use – like camping, workshop & fridge. 

Stayed powered up during loadshedding

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